Friday, 8 June 2007

Deforestation Diesel - Choose the right Bio-Fuel


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that this is a huge crisis, me and my friend, Immy have been trying to get people aware of this crisis too. Our goal is the same as yours.

good luck in the future, and tell the people in sumatra and borneo who are elping the orangutans, well done form us.

From Alex and Immy

Anonymous said...

I found this website while I was trying to find pictures of orangutans.

Me and my friend, Immy, have also been trying to get people aware of this crisis, great vidoes, but they ae sad, while I was watching them I told my bro that this is what you buscuit is doing, and imediantly, he stopped eating it.

Thanks for the info and tell the people in borneo and sumatra ell done if you are helping the orangutans

from alex and immy