Sunday, 11 February 2007

Current Campaign Action Points

What can you do to help?

1) Postcard Campaign

Postcards to MP and MEPs

You can now order campaign postcards (for volunteer distribution), from Helen at Sumatran Orangutan Society. They are jointly endorsed by eight organizations including Cockroach Productions OFPP, Ape Alliance, Sumatran Orangutan Society, Orangutan Foundation, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Born Free, EnoughsEnough and Biofuelwatch. There are postcards for both UK MPs and also postcards for MEPs - it would be great if you could do both, furthermore we ask that you get your friends and family to do so also. If you'd like to distribute these cards more widely, just let us know.

For more details please email:

Biofuels postcard for MEPs (Europe)

2) BioFuelWatch Open Letter

A letter from over 150 organisations and key individuals to the EU Council. Signatures are still being collected. If you or your organisation would like to sign, please contact us at info [AT]
Download the .pdf
Read the Signatories

3) Donate

Cockroach Productions runs a number of non-profit education initiatives to protect existing natural forest in Indonesia and to protect endangered species such as the orangutan and Sumatran tiger. The Orangutan Film Protection Project and Films4Conservation are two aspects of this work. We have been awarded a Special Commendation from the British Environment and Media Awards and were finalists in the WildScreen/FFC Conservation Filmmaker of the Year Awards 2006, but we need your support to continue our work.

For information on how to donate please contact Evie Wright:

4) Donate Old or Unused Equipment

Have you got any old laptops, digital cameras or GPS devices that you haven't used in a while? Would you like to see them put to good use? We can help you find good homes for this sort of equipment. As Cockroach Productions expands its reach into environmental and social documentary we will help support the local communities we work with. One way of doing this is to provide local people with the tools that will allow them to communicate the issues they are facing on the ground. Digital cameras and camcorders provide a wonderful and immediate means of documenting what is happening in at local levels and reporting it to the wider world. If you provide the kit we will make sure it finds a good new home and that the people using it will be trained in operating it. Please drop us a line if you think you have something that might be useful.

Contact / 07850 921 208

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